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Contouring is such a popular thing at the moment, and in particular cream contouring. All you have to do is hop on instagram and you will see 10000 videos of every makeup artist or bloggers take on cream contouring. I personally like cream contouring but think there is a time and place and way of cream contouring that isn’t OTT. I have taught my own personal take on cream contouring in previous workshops and private lessons and each time I hear, “have you tried the Anastasia Beverly Hills cream contour kit? Apparently its amazing!!” and each time I reply, “yes I have but I’m not sure I like it”. For this exact reason I don’t revisit the product often so I tend to forget why I’m not its number 1 fan, as I don’t want to risk using it and hating it. I decided however, it was time I got it back out and gave it a good go!

-The colour range is good, the darkest brown is perfect for contouring and the medium brown would make a nice bronzer. I also like the blush shade as it wasn’t too full on and went on nicely.
-The beige shade has a slight peach undertone, so it worked well as a colour corrector for my under eye darkness.

-I find the consistency very dry so you need to be on your blending A game and have a flawless base in order for it to glide on nicely.
-The yellow ‘highlight’ colour is very thick and dry so rather than gliding on and highlighting nicely, it comes out cakey and patchy. I ended up fixing this with my favourite Ultra HD concealer by MUFE for the review but the hope for a kit would be that you wouldn’t need to do this.

I REALLY want to love it. Its set out in a perfect kit, easy to keep in my mobile kit or take away with me and all of the colours are there together, easily accessible. But I just don’t love it. Is it terrible? No! Would I repurchase? No. Do I think there are better products? Yes!

My product recommendations for cream contouring are all single products but they are amazing and will last you a whole lot longer!

Contour: Napoleon Perdis stick foundation 6B.
Highlight: Makeup Forever ultra HD concealer.
Blush: Still haven’t found one!!

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