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If you are anything like me, your body has definitely figured out that it is winter! My skin has become dry, my lips are cracking and my motivation to get out of bed and get ready for the day isn’t high! So here are my top 3 tips for pushing through that winter funk:

1. Exfoliate!! Exfoliate your face twice per week. This is super important if you want to maintain soft skin because each time you exfoliate your skin you are removing a layer of dead skin cells and you are left with a fresh layer of skin. My favourite face exfoliator is ASAP everyday face scrub, and has been for years! It is vigorous enough to really buff away the dead skin cells and gentle enough not to irritate my sensitive skin.

2. Moisturise twice a day EVERYDAY! Moisturiser is your most important aspect of your beauty routine this time of year. You want to find one that provides you with enough moisture that your skin doesn’t feel tight after application but also isn’t so greasy it causes breakouts on your skin. If your skin is well moisturised, when you apply your foundation it should look hydrated and plump. I use Clinique dramatically different lotion and I really love it. Another product that I recommend and my clients love is Embroylisse. It is so hydrating and preps the skins amazingly for makeup application.

3. Make the switch to a more dewy foundation! In the summer a matte foundation can be great as your skin is more oily and you are exposed to heat. However, in winter your skin is drier and you don’t sweat as often, so it is not necessary to have such a matte formula, as this will give the illusion your skin is flat and lifeless. A dewy or semi matte formula will keep your skin looking alive and give you that little bit of glow without having to use a billion different products! You will also need to change foundation colours each season, so this way you can be foundation matched AND find a new, more season appropriate formula! My favourite dewy foundations are the Stroke of genius by Napoleon Perdis and Makeup Forever Ultra HD. These two are both amazing foundations that will help you look lit from within!!

Although winter brings a few less than desirable friends along with it, it also means richer colours, lighter complexions and chances to produce new makeup looks! My favourite winter look is a deep bold lip in a red, purple or burgundy.

If you want to know more about winter proofing your makeup routine and creating a new look for the winter months, I am holding a small group makeup lesson on July 16 from 3pm-6pm! Think wine, lollies and amazing lipstick and eye looks!! Enquiries can be made through my website home page.

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