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As I’m sure many of you have seen I have recently started holding group workshops! I thought it would be a good idea to tell you all a little bit more about what they are, how they run and why I do them.

To start off, my workshops cover a specific set of makeup skills that all coincide with each other. For example, Base and contour go hand in hand. I like to choose a few different areas of the face and pull them together. Included in this is a product that I use, recommend and love, 2 face charts and a booklet that outlines everything covered in the workshop. The workshops run for 3 hours and are held From HQ in Midland, which is a gorgeous open space with plenty of room to work!

Why do I do workshops? Well, as much as I LOVE painting peoples faces for special occasions, I think it is SO important to feel confident in yourself on a regular basis with your own makeup application skills. Sometimes it is just a few small tweaks to your makeup routine or products that makes the biggest change to your finished result and your confidence. I get so much happiness out of helping other people and being able to teach others my tips and tricks to applying makeup. I just love seeing my clients grow and improve!

My next two workshops will be held in June and I am so excited to run them as I have had so many requests for these topics! The first workshop will be aimed at mastering a flawless face in 15 minutes for my clients who don’t have an hour to get ready every morning but still want to look and feel amazing! The second workshop will be winter themed! This means skin care for the colder months, working with a paler complexion and winter colours.

I will be announcing dates tomorrow night, so stay tuned!! I will also go into more detail about each workshop and what will be included.

Smokey eye workshop
Smokey eye workshop demo
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